Does Medicare Cover Stair Lifts?

One of the most important questions that people have to consider when thinking about installing a stairway lift is, does Medicare cover stair lifts? This, of course, will in large part determine for many people whether or not they can pursue this option. Without the financial support of insurance, it may be prohibitively expensive for most people. So, does Medicare cover stair lifts or are chair elevators for stairs covered by medicare?

Does Medicare Cover Stair Lifts?

The unfortunate answer is that no, they do not. You would think that this is the type of health issue that should be approved seeing as it is something that people with mobility issues really need. However, a stair lift is a mobility device that is a permanent fixture or modification in the house and therefore unfortunately cannot be covered by Medicare.

  • Even if you are handicapped to the point that you literally cannot get up and down the stairs without any help, these devices are still not covered.
  • It's an unfortunate part of the health care system, and the truth is that ultimately insurance doesn't want to have to shell out for such large expenditures.
  • However, it places the handicapped and the elderly in a difficult situation, because these lifts can make all of the difference in the lifestyle of a person or family.
  • Any handicapped person want to feel independent, but they cannot achieve that without having a strong bank account to purchase all these medical devices.
  • Thus making them lose hope at times, because they have to be dependent on someone constantly, because they cannot afford the medical devices.

Modifications To Insurance Industry

For people that are handicapped this is a pretty big slap in the face, because it sounds like they do not really care all that much. However, nothing can really be done about it at this time and it is unfortunately something that you will have to accept. One can only hope that future modifications to the insurance industry will help provide more coverage for these important devices. Even though these are very trusted devices it is always very wise to get stair lifts medicare for in case something does happen.

Different Options For A Solution

On the bright side at least, there are a few different options you can consider to help find a solution to the issue and that would not require you to have a huge budget.

  • First of all, you may want to seek out a used stairway lift that can provide you with the same benefits at a dramatically reduced price.
  • You could knock 50% off the price and in some cases more simply by making a used purchase.
  • This can end up making the model you are seeking affordable.
  • Used does not mean broken and used is a perfect way to get what you want at an affordable price.
  • Increase The Value Of Your Home

    Another consideration is that a stair lift will make your home more valuable. Therefore if you have to pay to install one, the cost could be recouped down the line in terms of higher home selling prices. This provides an incentive to pay for one now, in the hopes that the value will be recouped down the line.

    Prices Differ

    Finally, remember that not all stair lifts medicare prices are the same.

    • Some provide a lot of additional features you may not need, and therefore can be avoided.
    • A lift that is moderate in length and only traverses a straight staircase can actually be much more affordable than you would have thought.
    • Conversely, long lifts or ones that need to cover curved or platform staircases can become pricier.
    • There are so many different parts and accessories that one would probably never use.
    • Make sure that your go for something that is basic and that suits only your needs. That way you can save a lot of money.

    So, Does Medicare Cover Stair Lifts?

    Now that you know that answer to the question 'does Medicare cover stair chair lifts?' you can find the best course of action to take. Maybe you can afford a new model anyway and do not even have to look at used stair lifts, or maybe you should consider purchasing something used so that you do not have to constantly be dependent on everybody else. Also remember that adding one to your home will increase the resale value in the long run and will make the price of a new stair lift so much more worth it.