Residential Handicap Lifts Are Not Just For The Elderly

When most people think of handicap lifts, they tend to think that they are designed only for the elderly. While it's true that the majority of consumers who can make use of these devices are indeed older than not, this isn't the only demographic that can make use of them. There are many uses for residential handicap lifts around the home, and it's important to understand all of the many ways that they can be of service.

There Are Many Handicap Lifts To Choose From

Being disabled is something nobody wants to have to deal with, but thanks to the continuous improvements and research being done on all the types of lifts in the market today, being disabled is not that much of a burden anymore. You are now able to get onto a stage, get up the stairs, take a bath on your own and even get into an airplane without much help. You can now get your freedom back, so to speak by investing in one of these types of handicap lifts available to you.

Examples of Handicap Lifts:

  • Wheelchair Lifts Products
  • Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts
  • Stair lifts
  • Bathtub lifts
  • Airplane lifts

You need more than just a lift for your scooter or your wheelchair. You also need help to get up the stairs or take a bath. Today there are lifts available to help you with every aspect of your life whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Types Of Handicap Lifts On The Market

There are so many types of handicaps lifts available today that people having to use these types of lifts don't even feel handicapped anymore and are able to do almost anything they put their mind to. Lifts have grown so much that they are now being used for airplanes, theatres, schools, baths almost anything you can possible think of.

  • Wheelchair And Scooter Lifts - The most popular lifts are probably the lifts available for the wheelchairs and the scooters. The two lifts available for a scooter of wheelchair that is unoccupied is the platform style lift and the swing arm style lift. Then, for the occupied scooters and wheelchairs, there is the Standard Dual-Post Lift, the Single-Post Split-Platform Lift and the Dual-Post Split-Platform Lift.
  • Stair Lifts - One popular group that can make use of stairway lifts besides the elderly is anybody coming off a serious injury at any age. A debilitating injury to the legs or back could make getting up and down your stairs extremely difficult, or even possible. Whether you spend most of your time in a wheelchair, you use a cane or walker or you simply can't stress yourself that much, a stair lift can help make things much easier for you. You get two types of handicap lifts and they are battery powered and electric powered. These are really brilliant as I had to use one before when I injured my back and was unable to climb stairs. With the push of a button you are quickly being taken up or down a flight of stairs.

    Another residential use of a stairway lift is to help anybody transport items up and down a staircase. People of any age can make use of this, particularly if they regularly have items that weigh a good deal to take up or down a flight of stairs. Just strap in a heavy bag of groceries, a box of items you are moving to storage or anything else and you won't have to worry about needing to haul it by yourself.

  • Bathtub Lifts - This is a great lift to give you back your freedom and make bath time a pleasure again. With this lift you are able to take a bath without the help of another person. These types of handicap lifts can handle any weight up to 375 pounds and lowers down to 3" from the bottom of the tub and is easy to operate.
  • Airplane Lifts - This lift is amazing. The disabled person will sit in the chair of this lift, and with the push of a button be raised to the entrance of the plane. If the person can not stand at all, he or she will be placed in an isle seat with the help of the lift. Thereafter, the lift is disabled and stored in the luggage compartment.

Give Yourself Enough Recovery Time With Handicap Lifts

Additionally, when people are coming fresh off surgery they are told to take things easy. Even if a full recovery is possible down the road, you don't want to stress your body too much before you have a chance to heal. You can help your body get the rest it needs, allowing your muscles, joints and bones crucial time to heal by using handicap lifts on your home staircases. It's a quick way to make your recovery that much easier.

Change Your Approach

Even if you haven't specifically come off of a surgical procedure, many people have tweaked backs or damaged knees, and can't handle the repetitive stress of stair climbing. The worst thing you can do with these injuries is try to ignore the pain and just live with them. You need to change your approach to day-to-day life, and a residential stair lift can help you achieve this.

You Can Live Independent

Regardless of your reasoning for wanting a handicap stairlift, you'll be allowing yourself to live a more independent and satisfying life. You won't need to be relying on other people. Whether you are enjoying your retirement and are 85 years old or you have an injury and need to improve your lifestyle, nobody else needs to constantly be around in order for you just to get around the home.

Uses for Handicap Lifts

We have now established and discussed the types of handicap lifts you can find on the market to day now let's have a look at the uses for lifts. I was pleasantly surprised after my research as I had no idea all the uses and types of lifts that are available to the disabled person. I always just thought about a ramp for a wheelchair or the lift to get the wheelchair into the back of the van, and that was it. There are hundreds of uses for these lifts here are just a few:

  • Access to trains
  • Access to boats
  • Access to airplanes
  • Access to school stages
  • Indoor and outdoor use

  • Access to trains - I liked this lift for wheelchairs. This is one of the only lifts that are mobile, which means no installation and can be used for gaining access to a train, most public transport actually as well as maybe even museums or any places that you wish to visit but are never sure whether they cater for wheelchairs. So, as far as the uses for handicap lifts go, with this specific lift, you can visit and go anywhere you want without any worries.
  • Access to boats - Another one of the uses for these lifts are, believe it or not, access to boats or cruise liners. Yes, just because you are in a wheelchair does not mean you have to miss out on the cruise of your dreams. This lift is also mobile and designed specifically with the sea and dock conditions in mind. The material used to construct this lift will not rust either.
  • Access to airplanes - As discussed earlier, there is also a lift that gives you easy access to an airplane, and it doesn't matter what type of plane it is either. This lift is manual so you don't need a power point or need to worry about gas, diesel or maintenance on the electric motors.
  • Access to school stages - I don't think a lot of people think about schools when it comes to uses for these types of lifts. Have you ever though about how a handicapped individual is going to get onto stage for whatever reason, maybe to play an instrument, make a speech or receive a graduation diploma. That is where the idea of the manually powered wheelchair lift bridge ramp came from allowing disabled student to reach every part of the school and it was even able to transport this lift to various schools in case of sport days and so forth.
  • Uses for handicap lifts in the great Outdoor - Schools found the perfect uses for handicaps lifts when it came to kids taking a trip to a farm to learn about animals, take rides in summer or ski in winter was a problem until a lift was designed and are in full use enabling easy access for wheelchairs.

This is just a short version and introduction of what is available on the market. So, if you know of anybody who needs help with a disability, do your research and find the best option for the person concerned. Find out what all the uses for the lifts are to enable you make an informative decision. These are just some of the additional reasons why people continually turn to handicap lifts around the home. You don't need to be elderly in order to make use of their services. Whether you are protecting your body from further stress, transporting items, recovering from surgery or anything else, there are many important uses that make them popular with a wide range of people.